Borris House Wedding- D+J

I adore this wedding, Deirdre + Joe really know how to throw a party! Their wedding was a very special and unique day. Their best friend Mark Kelly married them in a truly personal service. After they exchanged vows and rings, they mingled with guests on the lawn. A funny game of Kubb entertained a lot of the guests. Borris House is just fab, the dining room was decorated beautifully. Well done to The Wild Bunch for all their hard work. After dinner the guests danced the night away to Soul Purpose. It was a joy to work with Deirdre and Joe shooting their stunning wedding. Here are some of the highlights 


Vendor List:

Second Shooter:Harry Cullen
Makeup Artist: Making Faces, Gordy, Apryl
Hair Dresser: Niamh at Kieran O’Gorman, Butterslip, Kilkenny
Bridal Shop: Folkster
Suit Shop: Suitor, Belfast
Florist: The Wild Bunch
Cake: Deirdres Aunt, Caroline Moloney
Videographer: Sheena Faughnan- Check out their Awesome Video here 
Ceremony Music: Dublin Gospel Choir
Band: Soul Purpose





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Sinead & Keith - Bellinter house
Lisa & Joe - The Millhouse Slane