Icelandic Adventure

Back in January we took a little trip around Iceland. Its always been on my Bucket list as a place to visit. From Blue Lagoon to sleeping in a cabin under Eyjafjallajokull – Iceland was even better than I had imagined. I fell madly in love with the place! I have never seen so much snow in my life – it was epic X N&S-Blog_0057 N&S-Blog_0058 N&S-Blog_0059 N&S-Blog_0060 N&S-Blog_0061 N&S-Blog_0062 N&S-Blog_0063 N&S-Blog_0064 N&S-Blog_0065 N&S-Blog_0066 N&S-Blog_0067 N&S-Blog_0068 N&S-Blog_0069 N&S-Blog_0070 N&S-Blog_0071 N&S-Blog_0072 N&S-Blog_0073 N&S-Blog_0074 N&S-Blog_0075 N&S-Blog_0076 N&S-Blog_0077 N&S-Blog_0078 N&S-Blog_0079 N&S-Blog_0080 N&S-Blog_0081 N&S-Blog_0082 N&S-Blog_0083 N&S-Blog_0084 N&S-Blog_0085 N&S-Blog_0086 N&S-Blog_0087 N&S-Blog_0088 N&S-Blog_0089 N&S-Blog_0090 N&S-Blog_0091 N&S-Blog_0092 N&S-Blog_0093 N&S-Blog_0094 N&S-Blog_0095 N&S-Blog_0096 N&S-Blog_0097 N&S-Blog_0098 N&S-Blog_0099 N&S-Blog_0100 N&S-Blog_0101 N&S-Blog_0102 N&S-Blog_0103 N&S-Blog_0104 N&S-Blog_0105 N&S-Blog_0106 N&S-Blog_0107 N&S-Blog_0108 N&S-Blog_0109 N&S-Blog_0110 N&S-Blog_0111 N&S-Blog_0112 N&S-Blog_0113 N&S-Blog_0114 N&S-Blog_0115 N&S-Blog_0116 N&S-Blog_0117 N&S-Blog_0118N&S-Blog_0133 N&S-Blog_0119N&S-Blog_0120N&S-Blog_0121N&S-Blog_0122N&S-Blog_0123N&S-Blog_0124N&S-Blog_0125N&S-Blog_0126N&S-Blog_0127N&S-Blog_0128N&S-Blog_0129N&S-Blog_0134N&S-Blog_0130N&S-Blog_0131

Sarah + Massimo - Glen View Hotel
Patrick & Saskia - Pre Wedding shoot