Patrick & Saskia – Pre Wedding shoot

Patrick and Saskia are so sweet that I instantly felt they were old friends. This shoot was filled with giggles! We had a great stroll around the War Memorial Gardens in Dublin. I always forget what a gorgeous little park it is. Its never too busy and its full to the brim with great photo locations. One of my favourite things about these images are Sakia’s fabulous shades- the girl has style X N&S-Blog_0155 N&S-Blog_0154 N&S-Blog_0153 N&S-Blog_0152 N&S-Blog_0151 N&S-Blog_0150 N&S-Blog_0149 N&S-Blog_0148 N&S-Blog_0147 N&S-Blog_0146 N&S-Blog_0145 N&S-Blog_0144 N&S-Blog_0143 N&S-Blog_0142 N&S-Blog_0141 N&S-Blog_0140 N&S-Blog_0139 N&S-Blog_0138 N&S-Blog_0137 N&S-Blog_0136 N&S-Blog_0135

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